With the Kimiko Method, all colors are mixed from the three primary colors, red, blue and yellow with the addition of white.

You begin your picture by deciding on the point of your subject that you want to start drawing from and then going on to the part next to it, and then on to the next and so on until the picture is finished. If you have empty space left over on your paper when you have finished you simply cut it off. Or, if you run out of space for your drawing you simply add another piece of paper - you decide the composition of your painting at the very end.

This order is completely opposite to the traditional one, according to which you decide on your composition first, then draw an outline and then color it in.

The models used in the Kimiko Method are plants, animals and inanimate objects.

You will start by drawing a bean sprout, a squid and a knitted-hat. You may wonder - A bean sprout - A painting of a squid' - How odd!?However, our method is very simple and we choose these subjects as we would like you to draw something you know so very well, something which is very familiar to you but one that you will never have looked at really closely before.



Use just the three primary colors and white - with these you can make any color in the universe.

Make your own colors.

This is the fundamental rule of painting..  The color of a tree trunk is not the brown you will find in a tube of paint, the color of a leaf is not the green you can find in a paint box.. You will not find the color you are looking at in a box of 36 or even 72 colors..

If you make your own colors with the three primary colors and white they will look far more real.





Don't make a sketch, simply start with paint.


It is far more difficult to draw a figure than to paint it.However, drawing with paint will create the igure and the composition will follow.



Decide where to start, move on to the part next to it, and then the next, and so on.


Decide on a point to start drawing from.

With plants, follow the order they grow in and start at the root.
With animals with fur, start at the nose and for other animals, start at the mouth..

If you draw the outline with paint and then color it in you will limit yourself . Proceed instead from a point and when it is finished move on to the part next to it.


Need more paper - Add some.
Too much space left over - Cut some off.




From the moment you decide to give your work a title, it becomes a painting.

Bean Sprout Root

First Layer of a Knitted Hat



How to choose tools.

    The three primary colors - red, blue and yellow - and white.We recommend you choose a bright yellow. In addition to blue, get indigo, too  It is very useful when you make black.

For brushes, a large brush, a medium sized brush and a small brush (size 0) will be enough, only natural fur will do (for example, Sable).You can use any palette and any water pot for cleaning brushes.You don't have to get anything expensive at all.